FINGAL Rovers surf club is in serious trouble.

Erosion is directly threatening the clubhouse, with the club's committee holding an emergency meeting this morning to put together an evacuation plan.

There is a sheer drop of around four metres where the emergency access track used to be, with a make-shift danger sign and barricade.

"We are extremely worried," president Robyn Wonson said.

"But we can't bury our heads in the sand.

"Even if we tried to, there isn't any sand to do so."

The irony may sound amusing, but there's nothing funny about the threat to the building which now lies smack bang in the centre of the erosion hazard line.

The committee will start removing gear out of the club as a precautionary measure.

They said they are concerned that with the erosion now within the 20 metre mark, the council could consider removing the front of the clubhouse building for safety reasons.

"We desperately need an action plan and we will be looking to the public for help," Ms Wonson said.

"We are looking at the worst case scenario and preparing for the worst.

"At least 80 years of dedication, love and hard work is about to be washed into the sea if we don't act now."

Tweed mayor Barry Longland said it was a "real worry."

He said council officers and the club committee were working together to find a solution.

"They are looking at short term action, but in terms of a long term solution, a terminal wall is the only thing that will work," he said.

"But that raises some environmental issues.

"It would have to be done on a grand scale to be effective."

The building is under construction with extensions being carried out at the rear.

With the threat of erosion and the real fear of devastation, construction is being questioned.

Cr Longland said if the present situation had been the case at the time of application for the extensions' DA, the council would have rejected the development.

He said he would go to the scene this afternoon to assess the situation, particularly in terms of public safety.

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