Firebugs torment residents

A BANORA Point woman is furious that 'for sale' signs in her street are being torched by hooligans, especially after the devastating bushfires in Victoria.

Galloway Court resident 'Robyn', who did not want her surname published, had her 'for sale' signs burned for the second time late Friday night.

“Apparently it is popular for kids to go around and burn signs,” she said.

Robyn is concerned the culprits are setting things alight for fun.

She said it would be easy for a blaze to spread to her house or to parkland across the road.

“My concern is that it is fire and it can jump. I hate fires,” Robyn said.

Robyn said other recent forms of vandalism near her house had included a house being egged and a car splashed with paint.

“For God's sake, it's getting out of hand.”

Robyn is sure local youths are behind the attacks.

“Parents need to take more responsibility ... they should have more control over their children and what they are doing,” she said.

Less than a month ago the Tweed Daily News reported Banora Point residents were being “terrorised” by teenagers who were blowing up letterboxes, having “roof races” and putting graffiti tags everywhere.

Banora Point Residents Association President John Sweeney said he had heard of a few incidents.

“All these things are most disturbing - if we have a problem with youth doing these things in our area, we should perhaps look at what we can do for the youth to occupy them in other ways,” he said.

“We do have a responsibility to the young people and we really don't have a venue that the young people can call their own somewhere in the lower Tweed area here.”

Mr Sweeney said it was necessary for young people to have their own space which they could take responsibility for.

Tweed Heads Fire Brigade station officer Leo Ayoub said fire lighters needed to be identified so the issue could be addressed early, before they moved on to bigger fires.

“If we identify them early we can work in conjunction with police and government departments to bring to the attention of the offender the seriousness of lighting fires,” Mr Ayoub said.

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