Murwillumbah firefighter and cook Russell Delaney is standing for the seat of Lismore.
Murwillumbah firefighter and cook Russell Delaney is standing for the seat of Lismore. Blainey Woodham

Firie puts heat on Lismore seat

A MURWILLUMBAH firefighter has put up his hand as an independent candidate for the seat of Lismore – just a day before nominations close for the March 26 NSW election.

Russell Kilarney, a retained firefighter at Murwillumbah, yesterday threw some surprise heat into the campaign with a raft of polices including a promise to publicly list all his electorate expenses on a website and encourage other MPs to do the same.

Mr Kilarney, 36, a cook by trade who also works for Sunnybrand Chickens and lives in Murwillumbah, said he was born in the town although he has also lived elsewhere on the North Coast.

His announcement makes him the only independent to so far say he is standing in either the Lismore or Tweed electorates, with nominations closing at noon today.

“I decided to run four weeks ago because I’m frustrated by the State Government and local politicians,” Mr Kilarney said.

“I want someone honest in parliament who is going to represent people.

“I want the trains back up and running and the local hospitals run by local boards.

“If elected I would set up a website listing all my electorate expenses and try to get other MPs on board to hold MPs accountable for the money they spend. I’d try to push for it to be mandatory.”

Mr Kilarney said he would seek to establish a koala reserve and set up a regional “sales week throughout the electorate” with street entertainment. He hopes businesses would join in with discounts and national advertising to put the region on shoppers’ maps.

He would also push for international and national sports events in the region.

Christian Democrat Corinne Pennay yesterday joined the list of candidates for the seat of Tweed.

The mother of four has been a foster carer for DOCS and for Life Without Barriers, a religious eduction teacher at Coolangatta Special School and is involved in other church work including visiting inmates of prisons.

She is involved in producing a Christian newspaper for the Gold Coast region.

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