Anne Maddern
Anne Maddern

First female MP's maiden speech

MARYBOROUGH'S first female MP and the first electorate representative in government for 14 years has used her first speech in Queensland Parliament to highlight the lack of health services for her constituents.

Anne Maddern provided her follow MPs with a detailed demographic of her electorate and gave a heartfelt thanks to all who supported her throughout her campaign.

While Maryborough was a wonderful place with wonderful people, it did have its problems, Ms Maddern pointed out.

Mrs Maddern said her electorate's unemployment rate soared 3% above that of the 5% state average and the area's socio economic disadvantage index was three times higher than the Queensland average.

The former property valuer, who has lived in Maryborough for 25 years, drew parliament's attention to the lack of health services in her electorate.

She said the absence of an intensive care and maternity unit was a "sore point" for many of her constituents.

In the minds of most people in the Maryborough electorate was the state of the Maryborough Hospital, she said.

"They consider they have been disadvantaged by the loss of services in the hospital and particularly lack of a birthing unit," Ms Maddern said.

"They are tired of the difficulty of having to access a significant level of services at the Hervey Bay hospital or other hospitals."

Mrs Maddern praised the LNP's plan to appoint a local government boundary commissioner to work with councils wishing to de-amalgamate.

"The electorate will now have an opportunity, (which) up until now has been denied to them," she said.

Mrs Maddern also spoke of her plan to get an engineering department at a university or tertiary level institution in her electorate.

She concluded her maiden speech with a teary thanks to her husband Lloyd who had walked with her every step of the way.

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