Fishing: Some near misses due to storm but getting better

RELAX! The holiday long weekend could have been a week ago!

Lucky it stopped raining when it did, we certainly dodged a major flood.

It could take another few days for the fish to recover around the rocks and beaches, and even those offshore could find it hard to regain their equilibrium after some serious chucking about.

You only have to look at the colour of the Richmond River to realise there was some serious earthmoving done last weekend. At this stage there is still plenty of water coming down from the upper and middle catchments and to date river fishing has been a write-off.

It's only when you check out the size of some of the boulders on the Muttonbird Breakwall at Coffs Harbour, that were hurled tens of metres, that you gain some insight of the power of the ocean.

Apparently almost all the damage to the marina down there came at 2am on Monday, courtesy of two massive waves. A mate's boat was moored around the middle of the marina and had piles of sand in the self-draining cockpit the next morning...

During a rare break in the sideways rain on Saturday I was amazed to see through the spray and the crazy rollers that the Evans Head shark buoy was still in place, bobbing and rolling. Full credit to those who set it in place.

Will the Ballina shark mesh be able to withstand such a battering? Who knows.

I didn't hear of anyone mad enough to be down on the breakwalls during all that mayhem and I haven't heard of too much mulloway action happening since. But they can't be far away, especially with mullet regathering.

Tomorrow looks like being the best day to try for a fish in the lower estuaries, especially on the rising tide up to about 1pm. Unfortunately it's a neap tide so there won't be a lot of push or height to it, unlike those big night terrors last weekend.

Try for luderick, whiting and bream with yabbies or worms or use mullet strips or gut for a few bream trying their luck back in the rivers.

The beaches could be OK tomorrow but there's not much in the way of formations, courtesy of the big white bulldozers last weekend.

Greenback time

UP THE coast, the Cabarita Greenback tailor comp, now in its 30th year, is on again. It's the major fundraiser for the local Lions club.

Adult entry is $40, under 16s $20 and families $100. Sign on tonight at the Cabarita Beach Surf Life Saving Club, with fishing from 10.30am tomorrow.

The weigh-in and a big breakfast will be at 10.30am on Sunday.

Biggest tailor wins $1500 and the major prize draw is $5000. Visit for all the details.

Then Dolphin Bay Beach Village at South Ballina will have its own mini-greenback competition the following weekend, June 18-19.

Or if you really want to get away from the coast altogether this weekend, head inland.

The trout season ends on Monday night and there should still be some hungry spawners about.

Or you could head out a little farther and try your luck with the Murray cod in the western dams or the gorge country.

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