Five lies we believe that show we're becoming stupid

THERE'S no polite way to say it. We are becoming increasingly stupid.

It's happening because we're being shouted at by loud voices and we're simply too lazy to find out whether they're telling the truth.

As a consequence, lies pushed by a vocal few are taking hold and we're running the risk of damaging or destroying our lives and our country.

Orchestrated campaigns, often driven by highly paid spin doctors, are becoming common belief by sheer weight of force, with online comments by groups with vested interests, Facebook posts and fairy-floss TV presenters all fuelling our rapid descent into the ridiculous.

Here are five popular beliefs that show we are no longer truly thinking. 


Outlaw bikie gang members are just fun-loving charity workers

Clearly this must be the case, because we've seen them with teddy bears on the front of their motorcycles.

Are we really that easily conned?

Outlaw bikie gangs are the domain of violent people who respect one another and no one else.

Drugs are deadly, dangerous, mongrel things. Extortion is among the most evil of practices because it leaves people powerless and frightened. Violence is detestable. These are the tools of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

If you haven't experienced it, you are lucky. If you don't believe it, next time the local outlaws are in your pub, go and sit on one of their bikes. Good luck.

Uncle Chop Chop wasn't really so bad

Mark "Chopper" Read was a violent man who believed in his own right to rule.

Truth is, he hurt people. He bashed them, he killed them and felt no remorse.

The profoundly ridiculous among us feel that was okay ... because he was funny.

If we believe that hurting people is acceptable when you turn it into a funny story we are to be pitied above all generations.

If you went to see a Chopper Read "performance" ... well, shame on you.

Everyone supports gay marriage

If you read online comments or listen to public debate, you could well believe that "everyone" (with the exception of Tony Abbott) supports gay marriage.

Gay lobby groups have done a brilliant job of creating this illusion. Anyone who has spoken to the contrary has been publicly bullied, even to the point of name calling (read "homophobic").

The truth is there are many in society who disagree with the concept of homosexuals changing the term "marriage" to suit their needs.

Good news folks - it's okay to say no. Be loud, be proud.

It's interesting that gay lobby groups are typically against a referendum on the topic. Why? Because it can't be controlled.


Animals are more important than humans

I'm sorry, but I've actually heard people say they would rather give money to supporting animals than feeding starving children.

That kind of thinking should make us weep for mankind.

While I understand the disillusionment with human beings that many may feel, inside each person is the potential for works of greatness, creativity, self-sacrifice and, above all, love.

Just because we don't see it right now, it does not mean it doesn't exist.

Picture yourself with a dying dog and a dying child and tell me what's the right thing to do.


Police are the enemy

So many people show disrespect for our cops.

Why? Because they've been caught speeding.

Get over it folks. Laws are laws. Break one and you'll get hit with a fine or go to jail.

The police, overall, are amazing.

When there's a bad guy with a gun, they'll be there for you.

When drunken idiots get behind the wheel of a car they'll attempt to get them off the road.

When a man is bashing a woman in your street and you're too weak or too scared to do anything about it, you can call the cops.

And if they pick you up for speeding - well, don't speed. I've knelt by the side of the road pumping a man's chest after a crash - speed kills. It killed him, anyway.


John Parker is APN Australia Regional Media's online news editor. 

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