FIVE-year old Mia Wessling has been hailed a hero.

She saved her mother's life by alerting her to a fire in their James St house early this morning.

Shannon Wessling was sound asleep about 7am when her daughter Mia "nearly knocked her out of bed" as she raised the alarm.

"She was adamant that something was going on in the kitchen," Ms Wessling said.

When Ms Wessling investigated, she saw two foot flames over her stove.

"I was then in panic mode trying to organise Mia and the cat to get out of the house."

Ms Wessling said she was so distressed she struggled to open her mobile phone.

"Then I was yelling at the firies to get here quickly," she said.

Overcome with emotion, she said, "If it wasn't for this little girl I don't know what would have happened.

"If she hadn't alerted it to me, it would have been a lot worse.

"She's my little hero."

Mia Wessling said she heard noises from the fire.

The five-year-old said the first thing she did was run to "tell mummy" about it.

Her mother praised emergency services for arriving within minutes of being alerted.

"They were amazing - it took them longer to investigate it all than it did to put it out."

Part of the kitchen was covered in ash from the smoke and Ms Wessling said she had "a bit of a clean-up" job to do.

"The firies determined what may have caused it and, for the record, it wasn't my fault - it was something to do with the house," she said.

Ms Wessling said it was important for parents to teach their children about fire safety.

"Because you never know - Mia's only five-years-old and she saved me."

Fire alarms in the house activated after the duo escaped from the house.

Toowoomba Fire Station's David Zimmerle said the fire was in an exhaust fan above the hot plates.

The station officer said the fire was contained to the extraction fan.

Regarding educating children on fire safety, he said, "It's important for children to be aware of their home evacuation plans in the event of a fire.

"We go out to all the Grade 1 classes and go through a fire safety program.

"We teach them about the importance of smoke alarms, home evacuation plans and the proper procedures for dialling triple zero.

"And, of course, to get down low and 'go, go, go' when moving through smoke."

He said the smoke alarms activated the way they should have.

A westbound land in James St was briefly closed while emergency services attended the fire.

A firefighter unloads a hose outside the house on James St.
A firefighter unloads a hose outside the house on James St. Andrew Backhouse

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