A dingo has been spotted at the Nambour Golf Course.
A dingo has been spotted at the Nambour Golf Course. Alistair Brightman

Local dingoes should be shot, Coast resident says

STAFF at Nambour Golf Club are keeping a tentative eye on a young dingo that has been seen lately around the fairway of the seventh hole.

While the dingo has not threatened golfers or sought food, a nearby resident believes dingoes in the area are dangerous, should be treated with extreme caution and, in his opinion, should be shot.

Chris Costello, who has a property at nearby Kallangur, has lost 14 sheep since November to dingo attacks. He lost his last lamb two nights ago.

"It's dangerous. They shouldn't be here," Mr Costello said of the golf club's dingo. "If they are killing sheep, people have little kids in their backyards, and these things are going to be hungry."

Mr Costello suggested hiring professional shooters to kill local dingoes.

The young dingo was photographed by regular golfer Simo Pallaspuro, who is also an amateur wildlife watcher.

"I was playing golf and the dingo just crossed the 11th fairway," Mr Pallaspuro said.

"It looked very thin. You could see the bones, the hip bones. It's interesting to see that there is still wildlife around here."

Steve McMahon, the club's secretary and manager, said the greenkeeper also spotted the dingo yesterday.

"There's no danger, we'll just monitor it and see what we'll do from there," Mr McMahon said.

"It seems to come out of the rainforest at the northern side of the course."

Mr McMahon said it was the first time in his 13 years at the club that he had heard of a dingo on the course.

He said that there had been other wildlife like koalas, and the area was at one time home to numerous kangaroos.

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