Jayant Patel
Jayant Patel

Former Patel patient explains his emotional trauma

A FORMER patient of surgeon Jayant Patel has told a jury about the emotional trauma surrounding his bowel removal surgery which also left him with no sexual function.

Dr Patel, 63, is accused of causing grievous bodily harm through criminal medical negligence to Ian Vowles over the operation at the Bundaberg Hospital in 2004.

Mr Vowles told the Brisbane District Court on Friday he consented to having his bowel and rectum removed after a conversation with Dr Patel on November 11, 2003, following a colonoscopy.

"He said I had a spot on my bowel," Mr Vowles said.

"He said it was cancerous and he needed to take it out.

"He said he would have me running around like a young horse and there was nothing to worry about because he had done plenty of these types of operations before."

Crown Prosecutor Peter Davis asked Mr Vowles whether Dr Patel suggested any alternate treatment.

"No," he said.

"After that, did you consent to the operation?" Mr Davis asked.

"Well, yes. He was my doctor and you have to trust he knew what he was talking about," Mr Vowles said.

"If there had been an alternative to surgery would you have considered it?" Mr Davis asked.

"Well yes, depending on what type of operation it was," Mr Vowles said.

The court viewed signed documents showing Mr Vowles consented to the bowel removal operation on October 4, 2004.

Dr Patel's barrister Ken Fleming asked Mr Vowles about the family's cancer history.

"Mr Vowles, your mother sadly died from colon cancer didn't she?" Mr Fleming asked.

"Yes she did," Mr Vowles said.

Mr Vowles also agreed his father had died of cancer, his sister had been diagnosed with colon cancer and his brother was in remission after a battle with lymphoma cancer.

The court heard Mr Vowles had two previous medical procedures to remove a cancerous tumour from his bowel as early as 1999.

The court also heard Mr Vowles had received $180,000 compensation from the Queensland Government.

The trial before Judge Martin continues.

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