Four months jail for credit card fraudster not good enough

A ROMA small business owner whose employee used a company credit card for a personal spending spree worth almost $39,000 said he felt let down by Queensland's legal system.

Kyla Wilson will spend four months in jail for fraud after using the card to buy a holiday to Townsville, massages, groceries, jewellery and furniture as well as dabbling in online shopping and paying her bills.

"I feel the legal system has let me down and benefited her," former boss Brian Heilbronn said.

"The maximum jail time was 144 months, but she will only spend four months in jail and walk straight back into another job."

The 29-year-old single mother started working as an administration manager for Roma liquid transportation company Heilbronn Poly Fusion in January, 2012.

She was given a company credit card in May, 2012, and started her splurge in June, using the card almost daily and making more than 200 transactions.

Mr Heilbronn noticed the unusual transactions at the end of June.

He confronted Wilson and she promised not to do it again, but continued fraudulently using the card until October 17, 2012, when Mr Heilbronn noticed more anomalies on his bank statements.

Wilson agreed to repay the debt from her wages, but quit a month later after only $500 had been repaid.

Defence barrister Robert Glenday said Wilson had moved to Bundaberg to work as a property manager for Coral Cove Realty and would lose her job if she received a lengthy sentence.

"She wasn't thinking rationally at all. That can be the only explanation, Your Honour, otherwise she would have stopped the offence in June," he said.

Wilson entered an early guilty plea and brought a $5000 cheque to court to start repaying her debt.She had no prior criminal convictions.

Judge Katherine McGinness sentenced Wilson to two years and six months jail, suspended after four months.


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