'Four seconds' to avoid fatal crash

EVERY time Broken Head Road (south of Byron Bay) resident Rob Fearn turns out of his driveway he fears he'll meet the same fate as a 22-year-old Newrybar motorcyclist who died on the same stretch of road on Friday.

Mr Fearn said he would be campaigning vigorously to Byron Shire Council about lowering the speed limit from 100km/h to 80km/h.

“I'm awaiting word from Council. The next step is letterboxing neighbours and getting some signatures on a petition,” he said.

Mr Fearn, a computer programmer, said every morning when he pulled out of his driveway, half a kilometre from Friday's fatality, he had four seconds in which to avoid being hit by a car travelling at least 100km/h.

Mr Fearn said road guards on the corner where he lived were “a death trap” on either side.

“What happened on Friday shouldn't have happened. The speed limit on this road should have been addressed before.”

He said the three roadside memorials that dotted the short stretch of road made him sick.

Only a fortnight ago Mr Fearn witnessed a collision between a four-wheel-drive and a cherry picker, which temporarily closed the road.

Mr Fearn said every morning tourist buses headed to Byron and semi-trailers did “ludicrous speeds”.

“There are concealed driveway signs, but everyone seems to ignore them,” he said.

Mr Fearn added that the Council was “hopeless in maintaining verges” on the road.

“My partner and I have been out there brush cutting ourselves, which is death-defying.” he said.

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