Jim Imerson can't work in the rain.
Jim Imerson can't work in the rain. Tweed Daily News

Frustrated by weather

THE Tweed building industry has had a forced extended Easter break this year due to the incessant rain.

In the midst of an economic crisis it is something that trades people, many of whom work on contracts and hourly rates, would prefer to do without.

Jim Imeson of A and J Concrete Garden Edging said the rain had been a “major, major disruption”.

“We have only worked two or three days in the past two weeks and it looks like there might be a bit more of that to come,” Mr Imeson said.

“It has really started to affect me in the past two weeks ... I haven't been able to do anything; on the Gold Coast I have hardly done a job.” he said.

But on a positive note, he had been able to work in the western areas of Brisbane, which had remained dry.

Mr Imeson said April was always a wet time of year, and dealing with rain was part and parcel of the job, but the past four of five years had been a lot drier.

“From what I remember, it has been quite a few years since we had this amount of rain,” he said.

When the sun comes out workers need to wait two or three days until the ground is dry enough, and by that time it could have rained again.

Mr Imeson said the stoppage in building on the Tweed had a big effect that filtered down through the whole economy of the area.

Jason Dodds of Dwell Building Services was keen to keep positive, despite admitting that “everyone is struggling”.

He said the rain kept everyone on their toes and he had been able to concentrate on interior work, doing renovations and extensions.

Mr Dodds said the work would be backing up and he was looking forward to new Tweed housing developments coming on line.

“Everyone is hungry for work,” Mr Dodds said.

According to the Bureau of Meteor- ology Northern Rivers forecasts the rain will continue today, and tomorrow there will be a chance of thunderstorms. Thursday will be mostly fine, but isolated showers and thunderstorms could return on Friday.

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