Funnyman finds solace in laughter

CREATIVE: Cartoonist Garrett Beisler brings some of his Chris and Dave cartoon characters to life.
CREATIVE: Cartoonist Garrett Beisler brings some of his Chris and Dave cartoon characters to life. Scott Powick

THEY say laughter is the best medicine and for Banora Point cartoonist Garrett Beisler the old adage certainly rings true.

Garrett, who suffers with a mild disability, finds solace and purpose in making people laugh, whether it be through his cartoon characters or his stand-up comedy routines.

"I just want to make people laugh,” Garrett said.

"That's my purpose to do it. If people are having a bad day, I really want them to look at my cartoons and cheer up.”

Since the age of five, Garrett has set his sights on becoming a cartoonist, inspired by his love for characters out of such well known comic strips as Garfield, Far Side, Charlie Brown and more, while the Simpsons and Disney are firm film favourites.

Tweed Heads Cartoonist Garrett Beisler
Tweed Heads Cartoonist Garrett Beisler Scott Powick

About four years ago, Garrett came up with his own cartoon concept, and Dave and Chris were born.

"Chris (black hair) is the leader, he gets quite angry all the time and he likes to dominate,” Garrett said.

"While Dave (blonde) is a bit silly, but I think Dave is the heart of the comic: Chris is the brains but Dave is the heart.”

The characters have become a main focus for Garrett, who has been published in national books and magazines and won several awards for his work including being named the 2006 Emerging Artist with a Disability at the AART Box Exhibition at the Sydney Opera House.

Since then, he has self-published his own work, Chris and Dave - Don't try this at home, and launched an online blog.

He is working towards his first solo exhibition, at Kirra Hill Community Centre, from January 9-23.

Check out his work at

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