Allan Reinikka performing a Human Flag.
Allan Reinikka performing a Human Flag. Tamara MacKenzie

GALLERY: CQ grandpa pole dances up an internet storm

THERE'S a lot of things to describe The Morning Bulletin's Allan Reinikka.

But dull is definitely not one.

Photographer, rally car driver, corset maker, former roller derby referee, avid beard-grower and pole dancer.

And in the last 24 hours his five-year-hobby of hanging upside-down on a piece of stainless steel has led him to internet stardom.

At 55-years-old, Allan has graced the online Daily Mail UK with an impressive array of photos of his skills including a human flag. CLICK HERE ; Daily Mail UK report on Allan Reinikka

He has since been contacted by multiple media personnel to get a glimpse into his pole life and achievements so far.

Modest about his recognition, Allan said he was surprised his photos had created such a tidal wave of inspiration across the globe.

"I'm not sure how this all happened - the photos have been up on my Facebook for years. I guess someone's caught wind of them and from there it's just flourished," he exasperated.

"On one news piece on Facebook, I was even called a 'Pole Dancing Grandad!'"

A pole dancer of five years, Allan took up the sport after being coaxed into it by fellow work colleague and current Queensland Amateur Pole Champion Tamara MacKenzie.

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"We were working on a photo shoot and I admired the strength involved with the sport," he said.

"She dragged me along to one of the classes at Beyond Gravity Pole Fitness Academy and I've been addicted ever since."

Proving that age is no barrier when it comes to conquering new obstacles, Allan attends pole classes twice a week to work on and achieve moves that depict incredible feats of strength.

Among his long list of pole moves he has unlocked, his favourites include the human flag, Ayesha and butterfly.

"I like the moves that focus on strength rather than flexibility, as being bendy doesn't come naturally to me," Allan explained.

"It can take a little longer for me to recover from moves compared to my younger and more able-bodied pole friends, but it's all about the challenge of taking the body to new limits.

"Despite the bruises, pole pinching and burns that can come with the sport of learning new tricks, it's well worth it when you finally nail something new.

"Plus I can't think of any other sport you get to practice in your underwear!"

Despite what many may think, Allan said his choice of attire when pole dancing is imperative in order to grip the pole for many moves and transitions.

"The poles we use rely on skin to grip the pole, which is why pole dancers often wear crop tops and shorts when performing moves," Allan explained.

"Without skin to grip the poles, many tricks would not be achievable, or be achieved with great difficulty.

"Sometimes I even need to tie my beard up as in the past, it has gotten caught up with the pole when doing tricks."

Aside from acquiring much inspiration from his local instructors, Allan said some of his other idols including Russian pole dancer Evgeny Greshilov, American pole dancer Kenneth Kao and English pole dancer Danny Charge.

"These guys are unreal with what they can do on the pole - their strength and control is out of this world," Allan said.

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