Ron Owen at Owen Guns
Ron Owen at Owen Guns Renee Pilcher

Gay slur councillor tells barrister she should be at home

A GYMPIE gun lobbyist and former councillor found to have broken Queensland's anti-discrimination laws appears not to have learned his lesson.

Ron Owen landed in hot water at a Cooloola Shire Council meeting when another council took aim at the gun shop owner after he claimed he stood for individual rights.

How could that be, asked the other councillor, given Owen had a bumper sticker which read, "The only right gays have is the right to die"

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or QCAT ordered Owen to apologise for publicly inciting hatred of gay people.

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QCAT member Ann Fitzpatrick found in a 2005 council report, newsletter and a letter published on Owen's own website, he went beyond his own opinion of homosexuals to inciting others to feel the same.

Ms Fitzpatrick is a former commercial barrister.

Owen told The Guardian in an interview that Ms Fitzpatrick "should be looking after her family"

He now has until January 9 to apologise to two former constituents, a lesbian and a transgender bixsexual woman, who brought the complaint.

The letter on the website from 1998 suggested gay people ought to be killed because homosexuality was "a declaration of war on a community".

According to The Guardian, he described the paperwork relating to the website as being out of date.

"Mrs Fitzpatrick should be looking after her family instead of making determinations on that basis."

He has also previous said, "It never dawned on me that there was people of their persuasion in Queensland.

"I didn't have a clue about them".


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