German shepherd big help to police

THE police union is appealing for a four-legged officer in Tweed Heads to help keep police and the community safe.

Police Association Tweed Heads branch official Troy Hamilton said the area is in need of a german shepherd police dog to help provide general duty tasks in the shire.

“A few months ago there was an armed hold-up and the only reason the offenders were found quickly was because we borrowed two of Queensland's german shepherds,” Mr Ham- ilton said.

“There's just so many advantages to having a german shepherd available to deploy immediately.

“It really is in the community's best interest because we're more effectively able to track down violent offenders quickly and take them off the streets.”

Mr Hamilton said the extra back-up and officer safety they provide, especially when attending violent or armed offenders, was enormous.

“There's been a number of police over the last few months that have been assaulted to the degree that they've had to have significant time off work.

“If a german shepherd was available the injuries may not have happened as easily to the officer, reducing sick leave as well.

“German shepherds aren't just needed in Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong.

“Police work in cities is no different to police work in the country.”

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