Tweed men get it on for Movember

THE Tweed Daily News has jumped on the Movember train and will this month be following the progress of eight of the Tweed’s finest mo-growers.

Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of the moustache, highlighting men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men.

Each week we will follow the progress of our magnificent mo-growers. View their photos in the gallery to the right and then cast your vote in the poll as to who has the most tash-tastic mo so far.

Meet our mo-growers:

All out growers were asked the following questions -

1. Is this the first time you have taken park in Movember?

2. Why are you taking part?

3. What style of mo are you aiming for?

Paul Calvino from Tweed Shire Council

1. No, I have organised it at the council for three years.

2. I enter because I want to raisse awareness of men's health issues.

3. I am going for the Chopper meets Wolverine look.

Make a donation for the TSC team - visit the Movember website.

Alan Hogg from Tweed Police

1. No, I did it two years ago.

2. It's a good cause to get behind.

3. Whatever I can grow. Maybe Merv Hughes style.

Make a donation for Alan - contact Tweed Heads Police Station on (07) 5536 0999

Blainey Woodham from Tweed Daily News

1. No, I grew one last year too.

2. It's important that broader men's health issues are addressed

3. The sanchez mo, plus a chin flavour saver.

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Chris Swaddle from Tweed River High School

1. No, this is my first year.

2. I am trying to make more of an effort to do things for other people.

3. I'm just growing a mo with a goatee.

Make a donation for Chirs' TRHS team - visit their Movember website.

Phil Herington from the Ivory Tavern

1. Yes it is.

2. It's the first year I have been able to grow one

3. Retro-style

Make a donation to Team Ivory - visit the Movember website.

Andrew Armstrong from Fulton Trotter

1. No. It's my third year.

2. I've suffered from depression and back then there was no support arround. I think it's really good it's out there now.

3. Whatever I can.

Make a donation to the Hairy Trotters team - visit the Movember website.

John Sharpe from Good Year

1. Yes.

2. I believe it's a really good cause.

3. The box car, which is just a thick mo on the top lip.

Make a donation to Team Tweed Rubber - visit the Movember website.

Christian McCall from Hyatt Ground Engineering

1. Yes it is

2. A group of us wanted to show we have a social conscience

3. Chopeer Reid style mo. We're also growing mullets.

Make a donation for Christian - vist the Movember website.

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