Get out of the pub and work: Rinehart

THE millionaires and billionaires who invest in Australia are actually those most helping the poor and our young.

Such writes Australia's richest woman, mining billionaire Gina Rinehart, in her latest column for industry magazine Australian Resources and Investments, released on today.

Ms Rinehart, who regularly writes for the magazine, has hit out at socialist policies that discourage investment and "don't much hurt the very rich, but they do hurt the poor and young".

The column also encourages readers, many of whom invest in the resources industry, to "remember our roots and create your own success".

She said Australia needed a "new vision, or a return of the old - one that will progress Australia, put people in jobs and pay for their schools, hospitals and retirement and pay off our country's record debt".

"If you're jealous of those with money, don't just sit there and complain, do something to make more money yourself - spend less time drinking, or smoking and socialising and more time working," she wrote.

"Become one of those people who work hard, invest and build, and at the same time create employment and opportunities for others.

"Australia needs such people."

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