Girl claims sex assault at disco

POLICE are investigating a 16-year-old girl's claims that she was sexually assaulted on the dance floor of a private school disco.

Several hundred secondary school-aged students attended the social event at St Edmund's College hall, Ipswich, on Friday night.

Police were called during the event when a female attending the dance party claimed a juvenile male had assaulted her on the crowded dancefloor.

The girl did not suffer any physical injuries in the alleged assault, however Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Williams said the accusations were of a serious nature.

“We have no identification of the offender at this stage,” Snr Sgt Williams.

“The trouble we have is that it appears to have been a brief incident on a crowded dancefloor.

“At this stage we are trying to establish who attended the dance and following through with possible suspects.”

It was understood police made efforts to identify the offender immediately after the event, with male students who attended made to wait behind in the hall until all the girls had left.

Several teachers have provided information to police over the incident.

The complainant is a student of an Ipswich private school.

St Edmund's College Principal Brendan Lawler said the incident was reported to supervising police during the dance party.

“St Edmund's College has the highest expectations for behaviour at its dances and is working closely with the police in their investigation of this matter,” he said.

Mr Lawler said the college was committed to ensuring its dances were run in a safe and secure environment for all students.

Mr Lawler said because police had immediately begun their investigation on Friday evening, students had exited the dance after the time advertised for its conclusion.

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