FOODIES Cassie Ryan and Remy Tancred from Lennox Head toured Madura Tea Estates with marketing manager Ray Fien.
FOODIES Cassie Ryan and Remy Tancred from Lennox Head toured Madura Tea Estates with marketing manager Ray Fien. Crystal Spencer

Ate Phat Ducks hint at second book

FIVE local restaurants are “top notch”, according to eight women who call themselves the Phat Ducks.

Self-confessed foodie Remy Tancred was at Madura Tea Estates yesterday with co-author Cassie Ryan to continue their tradition of sampling produce from the area.

“It’s all about supporting local produce and the restaurants we’ve been to all go out to farmer markets and buy from local producers,” Mrs Tancred said.

Only two of the eight authors could make it to the tour yesterday, with last-minute interruptions splitting the group’s plans.

“The eight of us go out together for lunches and dinner all the time,” Mrs Tancred said.

“We became friends because we all live in Lennox Head. We did one dinner about five years ago and that’s how the book started.

“We didn’t want it to end so we decided to make it a regular thing.”

The eight friends visited close to 100 northern New South Wales restaurants and cafes in five years and resulted in the coffee table book, Ate Phat Ducks, which has sold out at most book stores.

“The book is showcasing our 30 favourite places from the region,” she said.

“The food trail started at Kingscliff and then we went down along the coast to Yamba before making our way back home.”

Mrs Tancred is the publisher of Ate Phat Ducks and said it had always been a dream to write a coffee table book.

She hinted at the possibility of a second book by the Phat Ducks, showcasing producers from the same area.

“There are a lot of good local food producers with plenty around in this area.”

Five restaurants in Kingscliff and Casuarina made it into the Ate Phat Ducks, which included the chefs’ signature dishes.

Roughies, Sea Salt, and Masuri at Salt Village in Kingscliff as well as Bamboo and Sandbar and Grill in Casuarina caught the attention of the eight friends from Lennox Head.

“Head chefs don’t usually give up the recipe for their signature dishes, so this has never really been done before,” Mrs Tancred said.

“We even had other chefs asking us how we got them to do it.

“Once they knew the concept of what we were doing they were happy to do it.”

She said the book had generated interest for residents to visit their local restaurants.

“Feedback from the book has been great and restaurants have found people are visiting because of it,” Mrs Tancred said.

The Phat Ducks are Cassie Ryan, Donna Lofts-Condon, Remy Tancred, Tammy Creagh, Helen Fry, Kellie Kennedy, Tracey Hamilton and Vannessa Izzard.

Marketing manager Ray Fien said Madura Tea Estates tours had started again and run Monday to Friday.

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