Kyle Parkinson shows the extent of his injuries after a recent glassing attack at the
Federal Hotel.
Kyle Parkinson shows the extent of his injuries after a recent glassing attack at the Federal Hotel.

Glassing decision ‘punishes everyone’

GLASSING victim Mauricio Alamos has slammed a State Government decision that could lead to glass being banned from some Toowoomba pubs and clubs.

Tomba’s Niteclub in Toowoomba, the Pittsworth Hotel Motel and The Club Hotel in Roma are among 41 venues in Queensland that will have to show cause why they should be allowed to serve alcohol in glass.

But Mr Alamos, 23, who was the victim of a glassing attack at a Toowoomba hotel in 2004, said the move would punish even the “good Samaritans” who drink responsibly.

“Sure, it’s a fair call that it would reduce the severity of the attacks, but if they took glasses away I would feel like I was being punished,” he said.

“Personally, I prefer drinking out of a glass rather than a plastic cup.

“It’s like we’re all being punished for a few people’s stupid actions.

“The point is not what we would be changing to, it’s what would be taken away if glass was banned.”

Although he initially thought a glass ban in clubs would be beneficial, Mr Alamos said he had now come to terms with the attack.

“I don’t have a phobia about glass or anything. It was just one of those things that happened,” he said.

Tomba’s Niteclub licensee Trevor Watts described the move as a “knee-jerk reaction”.

Mr Watts said venues and responsible drinkers would be unfairly punished if glass bans were put in place.

“If someone broke into your house and injured themselves how would you feel if the government told you it was your fault and you should have a safer home?”

He also questioned why the Federal Hotel was not included in the list of 41 venues after a glassing attack took place there in August.

“Why are some premises exempt?

“This is trying to solve a problem of society by unfairly targeting some venues,” he said.

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