Glistening success for Tweed gemstone business

SUCCESSFUL STONES: Geological George Casper with some of his famous samples including a fossil from a time gone by.
SUCCESSFUL STONES: Geological George Casper with some of his famous samples including a fossil from a time gone by. Scott Powick

IT CAN be a rocky path to success but for Murwillumbah-based business owner George Casper life's as bright as a gemstone, which is exactly what he's selling.

Mr Casper's business Geological George sells crystals and fossils online and at a variety of markets along the Northern New South Wales coast.

Working with his wife Jasmine Adams, Mr Casper has worked hard to build up a loyal client list and even secured a win at the 2017 Business Excellence Awards Tweed Shire in the Start Up category.

We chat to George about his business:

What was the inspiration for starting up the company?

We started the business as a result of a number of factors. It began with me being retrenched a week before Christmas.

I used to sell crystals and fossils at the odd market as a hobby, but after getting retrenched I had spare time so started to go to a few more markets. As we did this we noticed we were selling more and more rocks.

Then a about a month before the end of the financial year we looked at selling online, this took off and we felt there was the possibility of making a business out of this so registered a business.

What challenges have you met in starting a small business in the Tweed?

Not many to be honest. As we travel to our customers at markets and sell online we catch quite a large range of customers. Probably getting freight collected as well as receiving deliveries is the hardest part as we are out of town.

What benefits are there in starting a small business in the Tweed?

The support of other businesses and well as the business chamber. Everyone we have met is very supportive.

What have been your major accomplishments to date?

Simply getting the business to a point where we can live from it in a short period of time, and we started with limited stock which was in my personal collection.

By turning this stock over it has paid for nearly everything to date.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue providing good advice with good quality product at competitive prices. This will hopefully allow the business to continue growing.

We also intend on expanding on our wholesale side as we improve our supply chain and would like to open a wholesale warehouse some time in the next year or two.

Fast facts

For more information about Geological George, contact:

  • 0416 236 044

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