Go-ahead for new council logo

WARNINGS of looming economic troubles have failed to sway Tweed Shire councillors from forging ahead with plans to spend $45,000 on a new branding strategy involving a new logo for council cars, signs and letterheads.

Councillors voted four to three at Tuesday night's council meeting to push on with the controversial plans for the new logo.

They even rejected a plea by Mayor Joan van Lieshout to ask the Brisbane-based consultants to listen to the ideas of Tweed artists and school children for the logo.

The move means the current 10-year-old “squiggly lines” logo which is also used by Tweed Taxis and a number of other local businesses is set to be scrapped.

Cr Kevin Skinner took up the fight against spending $45,000 which had been led by Greens Party councillor Katie Milne. They were joined by Cr Warren Polglase.

“I don't believe in the current economic environment we should spend $45,000 on branding for the council. We should stay with our present logo at this point in time,” said Cr Skinner.

Cr Milne said she had “never heard the community complain” about the current logo and believed many people were “quite attached” to it.

“The logo is on all our street signs and there is a lot of signage that would have to be changed,” she said.

“I know the logo is shared by the taxis and the rubbish service, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I think it's lovely that we share our logo with the community.

“To spend $45,000 on a logo and branding at this stage... in these economic times... I think would be somewhat unwise.”

Cr van Lieshout said the community could be involved in the logo design.

“We do have to have a new logo,” she said.

“In the past Tweed Shire has lacked an image”.

Cr van Lieshout said councillors should “request the consultants consider any community or student submissions” but failed to get support.

The council's general manager Mike Rayner, in a report to the councillors, said the branding strategy may include “a logo, corporate colours, fonts and typography, images types and more”.

“Council has never had a brand; it has only had a logo and one that is not unique to council,” he said.

Mr Rayner said the benefits would include “a consistent and professional image across all council activities” and “an image that represents an organisation of 2009, not the 1980's”.

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