Going head over heels for shoes

THE road to happiness is paved with shoes.

Forget the long wait for Prince Charming, research has shown that a woman’s true love affair is with shoes, preferably the high-heeled kind.

A study by UK-based company Gocompare found the average woman will spend more than $24,000 on shoes in her lifetime. Manager of shoe store Betts and self-confessed shoe lover Casy Ramage said she believed this number was conservative.

“I think the amount is a lot higher. We have a lot of repeat customers, some have even had to be banned,” Miss Ramage said.

“Buying shoes makes you feel good, it’s an experience and girls love to shop.”

Miss Ramage said high heels are the most popular footwear of choice.

“The trick to walking in high heels is to not think about walking in high heels,” Miss Ramage said.

“You can never have too many pairs of shoes.”

The religion of shoe-worship was legitimised by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, who by her late 30s had spent more than $40,000 on shoes and waved the flag for single shoe-loving girls everywhere in the episode A Women’s Right To Shoes.

The Gocompare study proves that the story of Cinderella had one major flaw; the women of 2010 would never have left their shoe behind.


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