Gold Coast 'set adrift'

GOLD Coast City Council is putting the final touches on a submission that could influence future State Government infrastructure spending.

The council’s Sustainable City Future Committee will consider the submission today before it goes to a full council vote next week.

Committee chair Peter Young said the submission was important because the Queensland Government’s existing infrastructure plan fell short.

“One of the most significant issues is the short timeframe or horizon of the plan,” Cr Young said.

“The last one had a 20-year timeframe, while this one is only four to five years.

“There are many projects that this area will need that are not in the plan, and there needs to be a focus on community infrastructure. Hopefully the State Government will take strong notice of the submissions such as these.

“We already had some problems with the old plan, and this one seems very short-sighted.”

The details of the submission will be revealed at the committee meeting today.

Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke was strongly opposed to the plan when the State Government released it for public comment.

Cr Clarke claimed the plan left the Gold Coast “off the map”, focusing only on the light rail and Gold Coast Hospital development.

“Both of these will wrap up in the next three years so we have effectively been set adrift from then on,” Cr Clarke said.

“This is a worry as we have openly applauded the State Government for driving our 2018 Commonwealth Games bid and have acknowledged their investment in Metricon Stadium.”

The infrastructure plan is a strategic document that details priorities for infrastructure and where the Queensland Government should focus its investments.

The plan is open to public submission until September 9.

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