Only 'a few' animals died in rally

NO koalas or other threatened wildlife were killed during Repco Rally Australia according to an independent report.

Ecological consultant Dr Stephen Phillips, of Murwillumbah company Biolink, said the only causalities were two lizards, four snakes, nine birds and a single mammal, which was less than predicted. “The most pleasing aspect was the results were far better than anyone would have expected,” Dr Phillips said.

“We only found a small number of killed animals which, quite frankly, is arguably less than you would normally expect to find on these roads.”

Dr Phillips said there was no evidence of any animal being killed on tracks which took place in national parks.

“This was one of the most thorough operations that has been undertaken anywhere in the world,” he said.

No Rally Group spokeswoman Andrea Vickers said the Tweed-based protesters acknowledged the findings.

“While we are relieved that wildlife death by direct strike was low this time around, that was never the main issue,” Ms Vickers said.

“Disruption to spring breeding cycles, stress myopathy, impacts from noise and dust and the risk of waterways being contaminated with sediment runoff or fuel residues were all issues of concerns.”

“Dr Phillips' statement that the protection measures taken were the most thorough in the world reflects only that this is a sensitive environment, which should have never had a high- speed car race imposed on it,” Ms Vickers told the Tweed Daily News.

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