Government quiet on Mackay council's handling of CEO

THE STATE government has not yet commented on whether or not they will launch an investigation into the Mackay Regional Council.

This follows recent revelations that have called into question if the sacking of council's former chief executive officer Brett Heyward was by the book.

Mr Heyward was sacked four weeks ago and council have failed to confirm the decision to let him go came through a council resolution, which is required according to the Local Government Regulation.

Nor have they confirmed that any meeting discussing Mr Heyward's fate ever occurred.

On Wednesday a state department spokeswoman said the minutes of the meeting where the decision was made should have been made public within 10 days of it occurring: yesterday at the latest.

"The Local Government Regulation requires minutes of a meeting to be published within 10 days of the meeting," she said.

"In order to dismiss a CEO, even one on probation, Council must pass a council resolution to that effect."

But yesterday the spokeswoman was unable to comment on the state department's next steps, when asked if they would launch an investigation and if they had received any complaints on the matter from the public.

"The Department has no further comment at this point in time," she said.

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