P-plater loses license two days after getting it back

IT DIDN'T take long for one Grafton P-plate driver to lose his licence after coming off a six-month driving suspension - 48 hours to be exact.

In Grafton Local Court this week Jamie Tapfield pleaded guilty to mid-range drink driving and one count of not displaying his P plates correctly.

Tapfield was stopped by patrolling police at 11.10pm on July 20 after they saw a white Toyota Hilux vere from side to side as it travelled down Bacon St, Grafton.

According to police facts, the officers observed a "strong smell of intoxicating liquor coming from within the vehicle and saw that the driver's eyes were bloodshot and watery".

Tapfield told them he hadn't consumed any alcohol but subsequently failed to blow into two breath tests.

A third attempt returned a positive reading but the 22-year-old maintained he had done nothing wrong, telling police "you can't do this to me".

After he was arrested police said Tapfield remained uncooperative and it took half an hour before a blood alcohol reading of 0.13 was produced.

It was later revealed that two days before he was arrested Tapfield had completed a six-month disqualification for the same offence.

On Monday Magistrate Robyn Denes sentenced Tapfield to a nine-month driving disqualification with a further 24-month interlock period. He was also fined $1000 and will spend the next 12 months on a good behaviour bond.

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