Greens warning against landslide

THE Tweed Greens are refusing to recommend how their supporters should direct preferences at Saturday’s state election, in a move which recognises that many voters are “fed up with Labor”.

Tweed Greens candidate Andrea Vickers announced the decision while warning the state faced a landslide Coalition victory, which could give the conservative side of politics a majority in both houses of parliament.

“At this election, there’s a record number of undecided voters,” Ms Vickers said.

“People who are fed up with Labor are considering how to vote this time ’round.

“The Greens feel that at this election, there are good strategic reasons to vote Green in both the lower and upper houses.”

Ms Vickers said the party was not directing preferences because “the best vote is 1 Greens”.

“That will send the strongest message to both parties that we want accountability and trust restored in NSW politics,” she said.

Ms Vickers said with only four candidates in Tweed, their “colours” were clear.

“Rather than tell people how to vote, we’d like to encourage people to think about how to get the best value for their vote,” she said.

“The most important thing to consider in Tweed is the value of keeping Tweed a marginal seat. There’s currently only a 3% margin to the Nationals here, and that’s predicted to increase to 6% at this election as voters abandon Labor.

“That’s not a good thing for Tweed, because marginal seats always get more attention and funding from both major parties.”

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