Guns stolen at gunpoint

POLICE fear 22 guns stolen from a licensed owner in June are circulating Sydney's organised crime network.

On Saturday, June 30, a 30-year-old man was forced at gunpoint to open the safe at his Mt Druitt home.

Once the safe was unlocked, the intruders tied up the man, assaulted him and fled with 22 guns.

Detectives from the firearms and organised crime squads have released pictures of the guns in the hope someone with come forward.

Anyone with information can phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The firearms stolen from a home unit in Hythe Street, Mount Druitt, on 30 June 2012 include:

  • Pistol - Glock 35 semi-automatic;
  • Revolver - Ruger KNR5 Revolving Cylinder;
  • Pistol - Colt Government semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - Glock 17A GEN 4 semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - Glock 17A GEN 4 Bolt;
  • Pistol - Smith & Wesson M&P9L semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - GSG 1911 ADOPS TACTICAL semi-automatic with custom green slide;
  • Pistol - Beretta 92FS semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - Sig Sauer Mosquito Sport automatic;
  • Revolver - Taurus RT990 semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - Taurus RT627 revolving cylinder ;
  • Pistol - Taurus PT99 semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - GSG 1911 TAN semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - Walther PPQ Navy semi-automatic;
  • Revolver - Ruger GP100 revolving cylinder;
  • Pistol - Glock 17A semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - Taurus 24/7 semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - GSG 1911 Olive semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - GSG 1911 semi-automatic;
  • Pistol - STI International Trojan semi-automatic with custom brown grip;
  • Pistol - Glock 17A semi-automatic.

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