‘He was so up his own a--- it was unbelievable’

The Triple M Grill Team — Emma Freedman, Chris Page, Matty Johns, Gus Worland and Mark Geyer.
The Triple M Grill Team — Emma Freedman, Chris Page, Matty Johns, Gus Worland and Mark Geyer.

GUS Worland from Triple M's Grill Team has spilled the beans about the best and worst celebrities that have appeared on the radio show in its eight year history.

Worland and his co-hosts Matthew Johns, Mark Geyer and Emma Freedman today celebrated their 2000th show and in that time they estimate they've interviewed more than 3000 guests.

Some were legends and some turned out to be absolute flogs.

Here are Gus Worland's picks for the best and worst stars they've ever spoken to.


Hulk Hogan: "He was actually meant to go to the Kyle and Jackie O show because their ratings were much better than ours at the time," Worland told

At the time, Kyle and Jackie O were on 2Day FM which is just one level above the Triple M studios in Sydney.

"The security guy who greets the guests downstairs saw Hulk Hogan and thought, 'he must be here for The Grill Team' and just brought him up to our level.

"Rather than wait for the end of the song, Hulk Hogan just burst through the studio door and started being Hulk Hogan. I just could not believe it. He carried on for 10 minutes and it was an absolute highlight."

Hulk Hogan is one heck of a good chat, according to Worland.
Hulk Hogan is one heck of a good chat, according to Worland.

Tom Jones: "He was in the country but wasn't doing any press at the time," Worland recalled about the legendary crooner.

"We'd heard that he was staying at a particular hotel so we rang the hotel and somehow jagged it that he picked up the phone. It was a miracle."

Worland said the singer dazzled them with a story about a bizarre evening he spent with Elvis Presley.

Jones has told the story once or twice before and it goes like this: "I was in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas," Jones recalled. "When I come off stage, I perspire a lot, so I jump in the shower."

"So I was in the shower this night, right, and as I'm washing my hair with my eyes closed I hear 'ahhuuuhhhhhhh' [someone singing].

"I thought it was the plumbing, but no. So then I thought, 'wait a minute, who is this?' I opened my eyes. The shower head was there and the door was there. And right there was Elvis Presley leaning over the shower door and he was singing to me in the shower."

The Triple M hosts were stunned. "It was this remarkable story where Tom Jones took us on a little adventure," Worland said. "He was so lovely and charming and kind."

Tom Jones with Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley.
Tom Jones with Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley.

Hugh Jackman: "We've been best mates since we went to school together," Worland said about the actor.

"To have him talking about his movies on a radio show that I was on meant a lot to both of us. We never thought when we were listening to Doug Mulray on the radio in the 80s that one day he would be on promoting a movie and I would be the one interviewing him."

Best buds.
Best buds.


Steven Seagal: "We were so looking forward to listening to him," Worland said about the Under Siege star. "We'd all watched his movies and he comes across as a really decent guy."

"But oh my goodness, he was so up his own arse it was unbelievable! He was just really difficult to talk to. He gave one word answers, offered no explanations about things, just really difficult."

But he looks so friendly?
But he looks so friendly?

Jean-Claude van Damme: "We were also excited about chatting to Van Damme but he was exactly the same as Steven Seagal," Worland said.

"Sometimes when you get to meet someone that you see as a bit of a hero and then all of a sudden they give you one word answers ... or you go down a line of questioning that might be a little bit saucy and rather than having fun with you they get quite annoyed ... it's really disappointing.

"Like, we're all adults. If someone asked me something I didn't like I reckon I'd be able to manage it and so should those blokes. When they're killing 50 blokes in every movie and they're saving the world, why can't they just take a phone call from three idiots in Sydney and be able to manage it?"

Jean is a damn bad guest. Picture: Jerad Williams
Jean is a damn bad guest. Picture: Jerad Williams

Mark Seymour: "We had him in before he sung at the AFL Grand Final," Worland said about the Hunters & Collectors frontman.

"We hadn't heard from the band in a little while ... you wouldn't necessarily say they're filling out stadiums these days.

"So my first question, which I thought was a really nice, soft opening question, was: 'You must be thrilled? There's going to be 100,000 people at the MCG and just to play in front of that crowd must be incredible?' And he just looked at me deadpan and goes, 'Oh we play in front of that sort of crowd all the time, we've done it many times.'

"He just sort of shut me down," Worland said "He said it in a way as if to say, 'how dare you tell me that would be a big thing to us because we're obviously a huge band'."

After celebrating the 2000th episode of The Grill Team this morning, Worland told, "I reckon we've another couple of thousand shows in us".

"Hopefully everyone in the team will be back next year. They pay you well and it's a lot of fun and we've got great listeners, so why not?"

Mark Seymour is the frontman from Hunters & Collectors.
Mark Seymour is the frontman from Hunters & Collectors.

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