Hair scare really cheeses me off!

A FEW strands of hair were not what Mick Quinn wanted to see pressed into the side of a new block of cheese last week.

Mr Quinn is cheesed off and wants answers from Devondale as to how the hair ended up in the block.

When he opened the packet on Tuesday he got a shock that he said would leave a deep psychological impact.

“Every time I buy a block of cheese now I will be looking for a hair,” Mr Quinn said.

There was one hair about 4cm long on the larger face of the block, while there were two smaller ones positioned down the side.

Mr Quinn reported the problem to Devondale, but was not satisfied with the manufacturer's response.

He said Devondale people tried to keep the incident quiet and asked him what they could offer him not go to the media, but he said he wanted people to know.

Mr Quinn refused to let a representative from Helensvale pick up the cheese.

The 59-year-old Piggabeen gardener said he wanted answers as to how the hair got there, but they weren't forthcoming from the company.

It is possible that the hair got on the cheese after Mr Quinn opened the package.

However, judging by the immaculate tidiness of Mr Quinn's house, that would seem unlikely.

He said cleanliness was very important to him, which was why he saw his discovery as disturbing.

“I like everything clean and in its place and tidy ... I am a tidy person,” Mr Quinn said.

He said it was important the public knew about the hairs he found so people could keep a look out on other blocks of cheese.

He has vowed to never again buy Devondale products.

Devondale, which has its head office based in Melbourne, couldn't comment on the on the issue yesterday because Victorians were enjoying the day off for a public holiday.

Mr Quinn's experience follows Elsa Steinfort's can of black, sludge-like spaghetti in October last year.

In that case, the manufacturer, Heinz, said the problem occurred after the can was damaged and the contents became mouldy.

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