Healthy juvenile magpie upon release after being in care
Healthy juvenile magpie upon release after being in care

Hand-feeding magpies recipe for ill-health

A JUVENILE magpie has been rehabilitated and released after his health was damaged by well-meaning people feeding him inappropriate food.

But it wasn't such a happy ending for another baby magpie that a Tweed Heads lady found on the ground.

It had to be euthanized due to severely brittle bones from a mineral deficiency from being fed mince meat and a lack of vitamin D due to a lack of sunlight.

We had a caller from Round Mountain whose cat had caught a sugar glider during the night and killed it.

Unfortunately the glider had a joey in her pouch that was still alive but was not at a viable stage for hand-raising.

The previous night, the same caller's cats had killed three other adult sugar gliders.

An adult ringtail possum was found under a bush in Burringbar after being attacked by a dog.

Its wounds showed that it had been in this state for several days.

It was rushed to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, where it is being treated for its injuries with a guarded prognosis.

Currently several bouts of botulism are being found in waterbirds and pelicans in Kimberley Lakes and Vintage Lakes due to restricted water flow (from development) and people feeding birds leaving bread rotting in stagnant water.

We recently had a call from a teacher at a local high school who was passing on information from two concerned Year Eight students.

They had seen a duck that appeared to be injured several days before and had since disappeared.

They knew that his mate was sitting on eggs in long grass nearby.

A wildlife carer investigated the situation and the male duck made an appearance to everyone's relief.

It was fantastic to see such empathy and concern from young people who really cared about the animals.

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