Handy award for hospital



JOHN Flynn Private Hospital deserves a very sanitary pat on its collective back. Its team secured the Clinical Excellence Award for quality of care and patient outcomes in the 2011 APHA/Baxter Awards for Quality and Excellence in private hospitals.

Infection control co-ordinator Jo Brocket said the award recognised John Flynn's excellent Hand Hygiene in Health Care program.

The program was rolled out through the hospital and resulted in significant improvements in hand hygiene, understanding and compliance.

"In 1988, the Australian Private Hospitals Association instituted a program of awards to recognise private hospitals and individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to patient treatment and care, as well as the management of hospital facilities," Ms Brocket said. "Recognition under the awards places the recipient at the forefront of Australian healthcare."

Ms Brocket has worked tirelessly over the past two years assisting the hospital to achieve the highest standards in its 2011 audit.

"This has had a significant impact on our healthcare associated infection rates, resulting in better outcomes for our patients."

CEO Greg Jenke said hand hygiene compliance was a high priority at the hospital.

"We were extremely pleased to receive this award as recognition for clinical excellence and would like to acknowledge Jo Brocket's initiative in implementing this important project. We would also like to thank all our staff and doctors, whose collective efforts ensured our target compliance was reached," Mr Jenke said.

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