A man argued that he should be able to opt out of the Queensland legal system.
A man argued that he should be able to opt out of the Queensland legal system. ©istockphoto/DNY59

Heartfelt pain over attack

GERARD Sevil literally broke his own heart when he assaulted his girlfriend at their Bilambil Heights home on April 24.

Sevil's self-inflicted stab wound to his chest with an 80cm kitchen knife, in the aftermath of an altercation with his de-facto partner, pierced his heart and almost led to his death

Sevil's life was saved by emergency surgery that repaired the puncture wound in his heart, but police were waiting on his release from The Tweed Hospital five days later, and charged him over the attack on his partner.

In the Tweed Heads Local Court yesterday the 50-year-old pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

Magistrate Nick Reimer said Sevil was very lucky to be alive.

“You have taken steps with the knife and very nearly killed yourself,” Mr Reimer said.

“This is the most incredible example of remorse I have ever come across.”

Solicitor Russell Baxter explained Sevil had grown up watching his father assault his mother and was horrified at what he had done to his own partner.

“When he saw what he had done he went into shock and did what he did, and he is incredibly lucky to be alive,” Mr Baxter said.

According to Mr Baxter, Sevil was well-known in the area and was grossly embarrassed by what he had done. “He doesn't want to be labelled the same as his father, and is working through those issues,” Mr Baxter said.

Mr Reimer put Sevil on a 12-month good-behaviour bond with a condition he must seek psychi- atric help, something Mr Baxter said he had already started.

Sevil had been in a three-year relationship with his partner and there was no history of domestic violence, alcohol or drug abuse by the pair.

He arrived home after a round of golf on April 24 and settled down to watch television with his partner, who had consumed two glasses of wine. They both continued drinking and an argument erupted at 11.30pm.

Police say Sevil hit the woman on the right side of the face, but Mr Baxter said swelling on her face was caused when she hit a bench.

The victim went to the kitchen to get ice for her face and found Sevil on the floor, gurgling blood and with a knife sticking from the left side of his chest.

She verbally abused him for stabbing himself, then left the kitchen and called 000.

While on the phone, she pulled the knife from Sevil's chest and administered first aid until police and ambulance arrived.

Sevil was conscious through the incident, and when he saw police arrive at his house, apologised to them, repeatedly saying: “Sorry guys, sorry”.

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