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Helping business join revolution

BEING online is not so much an option as a necessity for businesses today.

There are a number of online-only business that are developed, but many businesses that have a physical location also have a strong web presence to capture business.

That is really the bottom line. It is about being in the market place and having an online presence.

Assisting businesses across Australia is Ipswich-based web design company Green Label Design, and it is really making its mark.

At the "virtual" helm is Nicki McKay, who brings a wealth of experience along with her team.

"I have been in business two years now, starting out as home-based and in January this year I opened up Studio 3, Level one, Bostock Chambers, 175 Brisbane St in Ipswich, just near Cactus Cafe," Ms McKay said.

Nicki has a multimedia and design degree from Griffith University. She is making sense of the digital media and links with traditional methods.

The online world seems to gain more and more attraction, 48 hours of video being uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly eight years of content uploaded every day. That is, according to YouTube. In business terms there are 225 million domain names registered, according to Verisign, and in a report issued in March by Netcraft, it is estimated that there are 644 million active websites on the internet.

Green Label Design is about assisting you to make your website work, both from a design perspective and in its recognition and use.

"We start from scratch, not working from some template, and what I do is refine the ideas and framing that they need. I lose the jargon. If you like, I dumb it down so my client understands," she said.

Mrs McKay has been the client in a very early job she had, so she is acutely aware of how it feels and how a client should be treated.

Nicki McKay practises what she preaches in developing her own very successful business.

"I networked through Twitter and Linkedin and grew the business from there.

"I know a lot of development firms are not strong in customer relationships and that is what sets us apart," she said.

Based in the creative and reinvented Top of Town, Green Label Design is in many ways a very down-to-earth business. There is a confidence that exudes from Ms McKay, but equally a real desire to serve her clients. In a business that appears to be very complex, she is about having a lifestyle and a business that connects and engages in three specific ways: explore, create and sustain.

This means she explores client needs, creates sites and media as required and ensures they continue to be of value. She is conscious of costs and works to keep overheads down.

"We develop using the W3C or open web platform compliance standard. This means that what we design with work on all web browsers, on a smartphone or tablet," she said.

The Ipswich based company actually spends most of its time looking after businesses from around Australia.

"A lot of them are in Sydney or Melbourne. I based myself in Ipswich because I like the sense of community. It is what I grew up with and it is just a good place to start out and I am in the cultural hub now," Ms McKay said.

Apart from web design, Green Label Design is able to co-ordinate graphic design work and all related services including printing and traditional media.

"I have a team of people I can call on to give advice and this keeps it cost-effective for the client," she said. The business provides ideas on how to use the website to maximum effect and of course the social media tools that you need to include.

Ms McKay also supports a cleaner environment and runs a 100% green hosting and power usage. She is committed to a clean environment.

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