Helping 'Mumpreneurs'

TANIA Usher knows how difficult it is to be a mum and run a businesss.

She has first-hand experience.

It was through facing these challenges that the idea to create a business support group for mothers was born.

And now Connecting Mumpreneurs is about to be launched at a special event, Every Woman's Day Out, to be held on October 24 at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Ms Usher said this revolutionary new concept for launching businesses would change the world of work.

“This concept has been so popular and in demand that all opportunities to participate were snapped up before going public,” the mother of two said.

“Without any start-up funds I set out to prove that even in these challenging economic times it is possible to launch a business on $1 ... if you adopt the ethos that 'givers get'.”

Ms Usher has pledged all the funds raised to the Bonnie Babes Foundation to help sick babies.

“When you give, you are telling the universe that you are abundant and handle abundance well … and you in turn are rewarded,” Ms Usher said.

“The concept aims to break the cycle of 'lack' by creating momentum around 'giving'. So giving first is pivotal to the values of Connecting Mumpreneurs. It's easy to say you will support others when the business gets going and profits are made, but I decided to build a business that gives from the very first step.”

To prove her concept Ms Usher created a $1 day out where everyone participating from guests, speakers, entertainers to exhibitors pay only $1.

“This is a chance for all women to get together and experience amazing new products and services created for women by women,” she said.

“The day will feature business stalls, fashion parades, entertainment and speakers while raising money for sick babies.”

Having lost her baby boy Tate 10 years ago this is a cause very close to Ms Usher's heart.

“I wanted to provide an opportunity for mothers in business to connect with each other, profile their amazing talents plus support the incredible work of Bonnie Babes Foundation,” says Ms Usher.

Ms Usher's aim is to collect as many $1 pledges from around the world as possible. She explains that “even if you can't make the day in person, you can visit the website to pledge your $1”.

As a thank you for supporting Bonnie Babes Foundation, every person pledging $1 will receive a thank you gift, with guests attending the event receiving goodie bags, plus a host of door prizes.

A silent auction with a host of great prizes will be held as well, with all proceeds going towards adopting an animal and supporting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's wildlife hospital through the Green Guardian Campaign. Ms Usher's daughters, Mia and Rhani, are patrons of this campaign and are very excited about being involved and raising money to help Australian wildlife.

Nine-year-old Mia said it was important to raise money for the Green Guardian Campaign to protect our wildlife and support the sanctuary's conservation and breeding programs.

Ms Usher said Connecting Mumpreneurs would begin monthly brunch meetings in December to continue to support mothers in business.

“I'm hoping each month to hold a brunch which will be recorded, so any mothers who can't make it that day won't miss out,” she said.

“The idea is to keep these mothers connected and enable them to support each other and help them to build their businesses.

“I want to create a community of mothers in business who can work co-operatively together rather than compete. If you're on your own you can't do it all, but by nurturing these relationships and making friends you will find a support network that can help.”

Every Woman's Day Out will kick off at 10am, with registration from 9.30am, at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

For more information check the website which has a link for more information on Connecting Mumpreneurs.

And even if you can't attend Every Woman's Day Out you can still register your support and help the survival chances of sick babies by pledging $1.

Each year there are around 3000 neonatal deaths which is when a baby dies in the first 28 days after birth. Often neonatal death is a result of prematurity.

Although medical science has advanced considerably in the past decade, only a small percentage of babies born between 23 or 24 weeks gestation survive. However, some miracle babies do survive. And with your will more.

So even in these challenging economic times, people from all over the world can make difference by sparing $1. And you can help.

Check the website

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