Hemsworths join global koala fundraiser

HOLLYWOOD leading man Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky, both Byron Shire residents, have become Australian ambassadors of the new Koala Comeback global campaign launched by conservation not-for-profit WildArk.

The #KoalaComeback campaign was launched in partnership with British fine-art photographer David Yarrow.

The target for the project was to raise $2 million to support wildlife recovery efforts in Australia.

According to WildArk's social media posts, fifty per cent of proceeds raised through this campaign will be directed to Earth Alliance's Australia Wildfire Fund.

"We will use the remaining donations to support local organisations working in wildlife rehablitation and habitat restoration," the post said.

The campaign was endorsed and supported by global champions across the world.

In Australia, actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataki, as well as Australian cricket legend Shane Warne and three-time world surf champion Mick Fanning are backing it.

In the UK, model, actress and singer Cara Delevingne was the ambassador; and in the United States, fashion icon Cindy Crawford, six time NFL champion Tom Brady, and Earth Alliance co-founder and Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio were at the forefront of the campaign.

WildArk was a global conservation effort that was founded in 2016 to help support the protection of species and ecosystems worldwide.

The Australia Wildfire Fund was launched in January by Aussie Ark, Earth Alliance and Global Wildlife to directly support on-the-ground efforts to restore Australia's wildlife and the bush.


This image titled Survivor by UK fine art photographer David Yarrow is being used in a global fundraiser to support koalas.
This image titled Survivor by UK fine art photographer David Yarrow is being used in a global fundraiser to support koalas.


According to WildArk's website, award-winning photographer David Yarrow has been in Australia documenting the devastating bush fires that have destroyed communities, wildlife and the bush.

"The day in Australia when I saw 500 dead animals for every live one will remain with me forever," Yarrow said according to the website.

"This is a call to arms and we are blessed with a celebrated army of passionate conservationists. I hope that this photograph of a lone koala I found sitting dumbfounded at the base of a tree, which we are calling Survivor, becomes known and emblematic of a period in time when we all became aware of our planet's deep fragility - and that it can help us raise money to make a difference."

Donors who make a contribution of $1,000 will receive a signed 24" x 33" print of 'Survivor' delivered to their homes. Yarrow's large monochrome black and white images typically sell for upwards of $50,000 and sometimes as much as $100,000. Donors who make a contribution between $10 and $100 will receive a downloadable file of 'Survivor.' All donors will receive an automated email with the watermarked image alongside instructions about how to spread the message further and encourage more donations.

For details visit www.koalacomeback.com/

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