Hey hey it's not very appropriate

THE Hey Hey It's Saturday revival caused a media frenzy Thursday after a skit from 20 years ago was performed on the Red Faces segment of the show.

The skit was made up of six men who 20 years ago were medical students at university and won when they performed a tribute to the Jackson 5.

The group performed the skit again on Wednesday night as part of the reunion show, and American guest judge Harry Connick Jr gave the group a zero score and then went on to explain that he was offended by the skit because it was wrong to make fun of black people.

The guest judge said he needed to “speak up as an American” to say the skit was in bad taste.

Senior lecturer in media studies at Southern Cross University Rebecca Coyle said the skit has been taken out of context.

“Australian humour is daggy humour and we love to make fun of ourselves,” Dr Coyle said.

But she said the item should have been labelled and introduced in a better way to the audience.

“It wasn't sufficiently introduced or explained that this skit was what we found funny 20 years ago,” Dr Coyle said.

She said they could have made it clear that we were watching something that was acceptable a long time ago and not necessarily funny today.

Dr Coyle said the show would not have aired if market research shown it to be “out of date” or if it had not have been received well.

“Television is desperately searching for something that will maintain an audience and they will use a format that they know works,” she said.

Wednesday night's show was the last of two reunion shows for the Hey Hey It's Saturday crew where old and new segments aired.

The NBN network will decide the fate of the show's return after reviewing the ratings from the two Wednesday night shows.


Apology for 'Hey Hey' skit

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