TRAFFIC CHAOS: Hour-long delays on Pacific Highway

UPDATE, 1.45pm: DRIVERS are now facing delays of at least an hour on the Pacific Highway at Woodburn.

Holiday traffic delays at Ulmarrra, near Grafton, have eased, but there are delays further south at Coffs Harbour.

Police are out on force on the roads as part of Operation Tortoise, which will see drivers slammed with double demerit points if caught speeding, drink driving, using their mobile phone or not wearing seatbelts.

Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, said he was concerned about the number of alcohol-impaired drivers who had already been detected across the state.

"So far my officers have conducted 52,708 breath tests - 4357 more than the same period last year - with 16 drivers charged with drink-driving," he said.

"The good news is this is 46 fewer drivers charged compared to last year; however, this is still 16 impaired drivers too many who are sharing the same roads as our family, friends and workmates.

"People who choose to drive while alcohol-impaired and/or drug-impaired are targets for every Highway Patrol officer across NSW.

"I am also concerned about the reports of drivers - many young and inexperienced - detected travelling at high speeds, mostly on major roads in highly-populated areas.

"Again, these drivers have been - and will continue to be - targets of Highway Patrol officers across NSW."


UPDATE, 11.45am: HOLIDAY traffic is causing chaos on the Pacific Highway today, with delays of 35 minutes at Woodburn.

Live Traffic NSW reports the delays are mainly affecting northbound traffic.

"Motorists could consider travelling via the Summerland Way to avoid traffic delays through Woodburn," the website states.

Northbound drivers are also experiencing delays at Ulmarra, near Grafton.


Original story: AUTHORITIES are urging people to take extra care on the Pacific Highway near Ballina, after a crash this morning.

According to Live Traffic NSW, the crash happened just after 10am, near the Tamarind Dr off-ramp.

Northbound traffic is being affected.

Emergency services are at the scene, although it is not known whether anyone is injured.

Further south, drivers are experiencing significant delays at Woodburn as a result of holiday traffic, and there are also early reports of a second car crash on the highway near New Italy.

Live Traffic NSW has urged travellers to consider using the Summerland Way as an alternative route.

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