Holiday to save your life

WORKING long hours may be good for your bank balance but it can have negative impacts on your physical, emotional and social health.

Mining Family Matters psychologist Angie Willcocks said she often dealt with people who were burnt out from their hectic work hours and were unwilling to take a holiday.

She said working so much caused physical health problems by affecting your sleep patterns and causing a lack of sleep, causing irregular eating habits, lowering your immune system and making you more susceptible to picking up bugs.

What she said people did not realise was how being so stressed could affect your health and your social life.

"The reason we worry about that is because if it is not handled and goes on for a long time it can cause depression and anxiety," Dr Willcocks said.

If left unnoticed Dr Willcocks said the tension of being so keyed up would begin to feel normal.

This could then cause further problems as Dr Willcocks said people who always felt stressed and busy withdrew socially.

"You end up saying no to fun things and then you end up looking around and thinking is this all my life is?

"It is only work," she said.

Dr Willcocks said it was easy enough to do and everyone fell prey to it sometimes, herself included.

The most important thing she said was to let go of work long enough to take a well-earned holiday.

"It's never a good time to take a holiday but just schedule it in and go."

She also said it did not count as a proper holiday if workers took their mobiles and laptops with them.


Take a break

  • Working long hours can affect your physical health through lack of sleep and lowering your immunity.
  • Often people take on bad eating habits.
  • People end up feeling stressed.

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