Holy cow! Police urge commuters to MOOve back from line

Rosie the cow walking the line at Rosewood Station.
Rosie the cow walking the line at Rosewood Station. Contributed

THE story of Rosie the cow visiting a railway station has been doing the rounds on social media over the weekend, with cow jokes coming in quick and fast.

While it may sound udderly ridiculous, staff at Rosewood Station, east of Toowoomba, were surprised when the four-legged creature made her way onto the platform for a late night stroll.



Fortunately for Rosie, she avoided any oncoming trains on her adventure and was safely returned to her paddock.

All jokes aside, Queensland Police said they wanted to take the opportunity to remind all their non-bovine friends that the yellow line is there for everyone's safety.

"So please heed the message and stay behind it at all times whilst on our platforms, otherwise, you might find yourself being asked to moove back!" a spokesman said.

"We are pleased to say Rosie was not charged with fare evasion as she didn't attempt to board a train.

"Please stay behind the yellow line! The steaks are just too high!"

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