'Honey, I'm home': Snake greets woman at the door

A carpet python climbs up the wall near the back door of a Buderim woman's home on the Sunshine Coast. Photo: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7
A carpet python climbs up the wall near the back door of a Buderim woman's home on the Sunshine Coast. Photo: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7

A SUNSHINE Coast woman has been greeted by the terrifying sight of a two metre snake climbing up the wall right outside the door of her home.

The carpet python had already been found earlier in the day by the woman's partner on their patio. He had removed the snake but apparently it returned.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7's Richie Gilbert said the callout - about 8.30pm on Thursday night - was one of about 19 jobs he's done in the past three days.

Richie could see the humour in the situation.

"Knock knock, Honey I'm home!!! Imagine opening the door to this big fella. You might get a bit of a fright,'' he posted on his Facebook site.

"I just moved this Carpet Python from the back door of a home at Buderim. If it made me smile I'm sure all you guys will love it too. Amazing animals. So strong."

Snake catchers on the Coast have been flat out since the beginning of the snake season at the start of September. They charge a reasonable call out fee, which Richie says people are more than happy to pay.

"I have had people tell me multiple times they would pay me whatever I asked to have the snake removed.''

And it's not just pythons that are turning up.

Last week Richie said he had a run of calls about eastern browns as well as red belly black snakes.

Only yesterday, he was asked for help to find an eastern brown snake near the beach at Warana, where they can be readily spotted.

But he says one of the snakes that is a real worry is the deadly Rough-scaled snake, which is often mistaken for the harmless Keelback, which has a similar pattern.

The Rough-scaled snake has a dull brown to olive brown back with irregular bands or blotches across the body.  The belly is cream, sometimes with a greenish tinge.

The scales on the back and sides each have a pronounced, central ridge (keel) running along their length.

Around south-east Queensland it is found from Fraser Island to Barrington Tops (New South Wales).

The Queensland Museum describes it as "A dangerously venomous species with strongly neurotoxic venom.  It is a ready biter and is responsible for at least one human death and several severe envemomations."

If you spot a snake, your best bet is to call in the experts.

Richie can be reached on 0409 536 000.



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