John Robert Calvert was sentenced in Tweed Heads Local Court last Wednesday after attacking his 80-year-old father.
John Robert Calvert was sentenced in Tweed Heads Local Court last Wednesday after attacking his 80-year-old father.

Horrifying drug-fuelled attack on 80-year-old father

A TERRIFYING, drug-fuelled attack left an 80-year-old North Coast man scared for his safety in his own home.

And the man who commited the crime was his own son, John Robert Calvert, who this week learnt he will remain behind bars for at least the next year.

It all started when the father heard a noise outside his home about 9.30pm on March 19 and went outside to investigate.

He found Calvert, 31, behind the wheel of his car, trying to start it.

Calvert ran into the darkness before returning a short time later brandishing a steel chain and verbally abusing his father.

The 80-year-old armed himself with a wooden pole to defend himself against Calvert, who tried to hit his father with the chain.

Court documents reveal Calvert flew into a rage and began throwing various objects around him, including binoculars, spanners and other furniture.

Fearing he would be hurt, Calvert's father ran inside the house to the second level loft area.

Downstairs, Calvert entered the home and yelled: "I'm going to kill you" and "I will break your legs".

The Murwillumbah man continued his rampage of terror, picking up several items of furniture within and throwing them at his father.

He pulled the gas oven from the wall, pulled the fireplace over, broke the chimney and smashed several windows.

His father hid upstairs.

When police arrived, Calvert threw a large stick at the officers' car before running into nearby bushland.

He was arrested nine days later when police found him walking along Tombonda Rd in Murwillumbah.

In a separate incident Calvert broke into the Regent Cinema in Murwillumbah so he could sleep there, and was found by the owner about 9.30am on April 1 with a number of stolen items.

As he fled the scene, Calvert dropped a bag of 0.6g of methamphetamine.

Members of the public at a nearby building site helped corner Calvert as he tried to run away from police.

When he was denied bail on April 27, Calvert was charged after calling Magistrate Jeff Linden a "f--king arsehole" and a "f--king old man".

Defence solicitor Amanda Fawaz said Calvert had been suffering from a significant methamphetamine addiction.

He was supported in court by his mother.

"I am told by his mother Mr Calvert was a victim of his father's abuse over a number of years and at the time of the offence he had a cast on his arm; this broken arm was, I understand, was caused by his father," Ms Fawaz said.

"This was not appropriate in terms of the way he reacted but also it seems his reactions were exaggerated by drug use and underlying issues around anger and resentment of his father as a result of being a victim of his violence against him."

Calvert pleaded guilty to multiple charges including break and enter, assault occasioning bodily harm, insulting a magistrate, drug possession and stalk/intimidate.

Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy convicted and sentenced Calvert to 30 months behind bars for all charges with a non-parole period of 15 months.

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