Loud talkers get a super soaking - almost.
Loud talkers get a super soaking - almost. john mccutcheon

Dear editor, hoons and loud talkers get a hose down

Here's a selection of letters written to the editor this week:

Hosed down

TO THE elderly couple who walk down Keith Compton Drive at 5.15am several times a week (including New Year's Day) chatting with their radio on 612 ABC, whose incredible arrogance, selfishness and apathy towards those who are awakened, I bid adieu.

I apologise to those equally appalled that my "supersoaker's" range was short of the mark to attempt some appropriate response.

May they live long and prosper.

Dian Clayton,

Tweed Heads


No rest possible

I WANTED to warn everyone who parks at Stotts Island rest area on Tweed Valley Way at night to watch out for hoons fishtailing in the rest area.

I was parked there on Thursday, December 26, and a white hatchback skidded round the rest area and slammed my motor home broadside, damaging my entire right side, crushing my fuel tank and fresh water tank.

I was asleep until it hit but a man in a car saw the vehicle which was described in the police report.

I had also seen a white hatchback with four youths in it at the Chinderah River doing burn-outs and fish tails a while ago. They slid off the road into the bushes.

Barbara Uridge-McInerney,



Leda ploy?

BASED on my long-term reading of local, state and federal legislation, I have a feeling the Leda Group's proposal for a development at North Kirra/ Bilinga is a ploy to put pressure on Campbell Newman.

This is about the casino licence and Leda know their best chance is up at the spit, including Wave Break Island.

By stirring up the local community, they have created free advertising, made the Gold Coast City Council and the Queensland Premier aware of the public discontent with the southern Gold Coast alternative and put themselves in a prime position to be first choice for the seaway option.

They haven't even lodged an application, and I believe they won't.

Propaganda? Will it work or not? Only time will tell, but there will be no project at North Kirra/Bilinga - that's a certainty.

David Burdon,

Tweed Heads


Advice for Justine

A FEW words on Justine Elliot's latest advertisements about Tony Abbott's broken promises re the Gonski money.

Firstly, Justine, who was in government when the $1.2 billion was withdrawn and put back into consolidated revenue?

Justine, who was the PM who stated there would be no carbon tax under the government she led?

Then the same PM created the carbon tax with the Greens, and, when passed by Parliament, kissed the previous PM she knifed.

Nice one, Justine.

Remember your advert stated that "this is not the government they promised the Australian people they would be."

Well, Justine, I'm sure the people did not expect to have three PMs in six years from the same party.

Noel Francisco,

Tweed Heads


Just a beat-up

WHAT a beat-up was the article "Charity stores rort" (p. 10, Daily News, 4/1).

When I give my goods to the Salvos store, I expect them to try to get the maximum price possible to further their good work.

If I want to give something away with no goal of financial reward, I simply put it out on the footpath.

Ken Window,



Rid loopholes

KING hit, coward's punch, it's all the same! The problem is that although legislation is in place to deal with such things, there are too many legal loopholes within the judicial process.

There is too much confusion and too many legal barriers to convict. We need a specific offence to deal with these matters appropriately.

My suggestion for this offence is: "Assault with disregard for human life".

This short wording says it all. We need it to be supported by a substantial penalty, similar to that for maliciously inflicting GBH. The problem with that charge is the word "malicious", which is sometimes hard to prove.

The use of the word "disregard" in its place eliminates the usual defence. Then it is up to our legislators to set appropriate penalties. My recommendation would be for a 20-year maximum penalty. If the victim dies, the charge would automatically be upgraded to manslaughter or murder.

Attempted murder, however, requires proof of intent to kill, which can be very to prove. So please bring on "assault with disregard for human life".

Ian Spiers,



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