Hotmail hijacker seeks cash

IF you believe an email sent from Madonna Geyer's Hotmail account, the Yeppoon woman is in a UK hospital in a “life and death” situation after a serious traffic accident.

In reality, she's safe at home with her phone ringing off the hook with calls from concerned friends and acquaintances.

The email was a scam and the work of a hacker.

It was sent through her Hotmail address on Sunday night, supposedly by her doctor, asking for up to $2500 from recipients to help pay for her treatment.

Ms Geyer uses the Hotmail account solely to organise the quarterly Mumma's Fair markets and the email was sent to her entire contact list.

Scared and embarrassed by the hacking, she wanted to warn others not to send money and just to ignore the email.

The email, titled “Madonna needs your help” contains several spelling errors and the name of the doctor is different within the email.

It says she has been revived twice and will undergo major surgery immediately.

The Yeppoon woman said the security breach meant she had to spend hours ensuring her bank details were safe and it would cost her several hundred dollars to get her computer fixed.

Ms Geyer was first alerted to the problem when she received a message from a friend on social networking website Facebook.

She was then unable to log into her email account, as the password had been changed.

She eventually changed it back and all her contacts had been deleted and her emails forwarded to another account.

Ms Geyer is getting her computer fixed and will get the email address shut down.

The email address was the main method of contacting stall holders about the markets and she wanted to let people know they were still going ahead as planned on Sunday.


If you've been targeted by computer hackers:

Run a full system check using a reliable virus checker.

Make sure you have anti-virus and other protection software such as a firewall installed on your computer

Change online passwords

Source: Scamwatch

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