House for mother wins top Glossy

WHILE all the winners in last night's Glossies Awards were dear to the hearts of their creators, Bob and Chris Cameron's winning entry was truly a "labour of love".

The directors of renders, paints, walling and coating company, Rockcote, won the Glossies Award for sustainable building and design in the owner/builder category with a two-bedroom house in the foothills of Eumundi.

Rockcote Earthen Cottage was fashioned for Bob's 82-year-old mother Aileen.

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom house was built for less than $200,000 and exceeds an eight-star energy rating.

It uses approximately 10% of the energy of a standard home while providing a healthier and more comfortable environment for residents thanks to the range of natural materials used.

The home doubles as a showcase for the Camerons' new Natural Materials range of sustainable building products.

The Earthen Cottage is completely self-sufficient in water, uses a waterless composting toilet with water for home use supplied via on-site rainwater tanks.

All grey water is treated on-site and reused on the vegetable and herb garden as well as the fruit tree orchard.

"This is a modest, but truly beautiful and healthy home," Mr Cameron said. "Due to the design elements and materials employed it is far more comfortable to live in than a standard home and can be constructed at a comparable or lesser cost.

"The home provides long-term cost savings due to its energy efficiency."

Mr Cameron said Rockcote Earthen Cottage was a "living and literally breathing example of a building that exemplifies how a return to ancient knowledge and traditional skills combined with a revival of natural materials such as mud, sticks and straw can result in a thoroughly affordable, beautiful, modern and sustainable outcome".

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