Television and remote Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
Television and remote Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily Brett Wortman

This show is the Bachelor on speed

YOU know when there's a kiss in a movie and it's a bit awkward to watch?   

That's what Seven's new dating show Kiss Bang Love is like, except that awkward kiss is repeated a dozen times.

The blindfolded kissing experiment is designed to prove that a good first kiss is the "chemical pathway to love".  

Each participant kisses a dozen strangers in an experiment that supposedly reveals true chemistry through the four other heightened senses. But there are a few awkward things about Kiss Bang Love aside from the actual kissing.  

The first participant Lisa has two best mates watching all the pashes from a nearby room, sipping champagne like they're watching the Oscars.   

But even more awkwardly, all of the guys Lisa is going to kiss have to sit in the same waiting room together and then stand in a police suspect-style line-up to be judged on their kissing abilities.

She chooses five people to kiss again, this time without the blindfold.  

Two finalists are chosen to go on overnight dates, with one selected for a romantic holiday.  

This show oozes talkability and the first episode is sure to generate plenty of social media buzz, but it feels like the producers have cast a bunch of good-looking people whom the participants would have been initially attracted to anyway.  

Like Seven's recent show First Dates, this is disposable entertainment you can watch occasionally without having to invest your time or energy into storylines or character arcs.   

It's kind of like The Bachelorette on speed, moving from a first kiss to an overnight date to a holiday in just one episode.   

One issue with that breakneck pace is that viewers can't get invested in any of the people in just one hour like they do over the course of a whole series on The Bachelor, Married At First Sight or The Seven Year Switch.  

And, I can't believe I'm writing this, Kiss Bang Love's overnight dates - where the participants have the option to sleep either in the same or separate beds in a hotel suite - make

The Bachelor Australia, which has opted out of the overnight dates featured on the US version, seem almost (gasp!) classy.   

Kiss Bang Love debuts Tuesday at 8.45pm on Channel 7.  

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