Brew master Chuck Hahn will be hosting a beer degustation at Twin Towns on Friday, August 9.
Brew master Chuck Hahn will be hosting a beer degustation at Twin Towns on Friday, August 9.

How you can have a cold one with the 'Godfather' of beer

When it comes to being passionate about beer, there are few who could match it with master brewer Chuck Hahn.

The man behind the Malt Shovel Brewery and been involved in the development of the James Squire range and Kosciuszko Pale Ale will be sharing his passion with beer drinkers at Twin Towns in the Ultimate Beer Experience on Friday, August 9.

In an evening of tales and ales, you'll taste a selection of beers specially chosen by Chuck, and a five-course menu to complement Chuck's choices.

Chuck will share some yarns about beer and his inspiring journey to becoming Australia's most prolific brewer. If you don't know the legacy of James Squire, you soon will.

If beer is your passion, don't miss the chance to crack a coldie with the Godfather of Australian brewing at Twin Towns. The event takes place on Friday 9 August at 6.30pm at Horizons at Twin Towns. Tickets are $65 per person and they're selling fast.

Here's the menu.

Eumundi Lager: paired with London-cured pork belly, cherry-caraway yoghurt, roquette, naan

Kosciuszko Pale Ale: paired with seared prawns, red capsicum caramel, sweetcorn sofrito, pancetta floss

James Squire 4 Wives Pilsener: paired with char siu pork scotch, pear kimchi, soybeans, chilli strands

James Squire Nine Tales Amber Ale: paired with smoked beef brisket, buttermilk mash, green beans, Dog Days BBQ baste

James Squire Jack of Spades Porter: paired with dark chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, pine nut fudge, grapefruit.

Book now on 1800 014 014, go to or book on the Twin Towns app.

Warm up in the cold weather with new chocolate orange stout

IT'S winter, it's cold and dedicated beer drinkers need something to warm them up.

The solution, in my humble opinion, lies in the section of the bottle fridge where few seldom venture - the dark side.

This is where your full-bodied and full-strength brews lurk and among them is Brouhaha's Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout.

Now before you think I've hit my head on the beer fridge door, this limited release brew from the Sunshine Coast is full of surprises - not really considering the name says it all.

It delivers a distinct chocolate-orange flavour (a bit like jaffa) with plenty of body and a decent degree of alcohol, just what you need in winter.

It pours out a rich black colour with a dark milk coffee coloured head.

Brouhaha Orange Imperial Stout
Brouhaha Orange Imperial Stout

The aroma leaves you in no doubt there is a degree of orange in this brew but when matched with the roasted malts which produce a smooth chocolate flavour, it's a bit like a 'dessert' beer.

Being an Imperial Stout, it is brewed strong but that also contributes to the body and there's just enough bitterness to cleanse the palate while still leaving just a lingering hint of the jaffa combination in the aftertaste.

This is a strong beer, 8 per cent and while it is rich and heavy, it is also surprisingly easy to drink which is the trap. However it is filling and for those not use to big-bodied stouts, they may find this a little heavy in the gut.

You could find yourself going back for another one or two after you empty the first can but don't intend to do anything afterwards - a nap is a good idea.

It really takes the winter chills out of your bones but I suggest it is best appreciated at the end for the days or at the end of a good meal.

You could enjoy it with a decadent dessert, possibly something a bit chocolatey.

For me, it is like a liquid 'comfort food'- an indulgence to savoured at special occasions (like when the mercury drops to single digits!).


Allow this to stand off a little while in a balloon-shaped glass - it actually pours a little like Guinness. Like many dark beers, its character changes as it warms a bit. It's not cheap at around $28 a 375ml four-pack but it is a limited release and worth spoiling yourself.

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