Huge drop in number of active cases

New data has revealed how long it is taking Australians to recover from the coronavirus. One key factor appears to make a significant difference.

This morning, New South Wales' chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant said officials have been ringing confirmed cases three weeks after the onset of the virus to ask about their symptoms and see whether they have recovered.

"A preliminary analysis of the first 2000 case interviews has shown that half of cases recovered after 16 days, three-quarters of cases recovered after three weeks, and 95 per cent of cases after six weeks," Dr Chant said.

"For those cases that have not recovered yet at the time of the phone call at three weeks, we will be following them up at two-week intervals, and our data will continue to be updated.

"I suppose unsurprisingly, older people were found to take longer than younger people to recover."

So, as you might expect, age does appear to be a differentiating factor.

Australia has recorded 71 deaths from COVID-19 so far with 6641 confirmed cases, including 2969 in New South Wales, 1336 in Victoria, 1024 in Queensland, 435 in South Australia, 545 in Western Australia, 200 in Tasmania, 104 in the Australian Capital Territory and 28 in the Northern Territory.

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